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What Printing types do we offer ?
What Paper types do we offer ?
What Ink Colours do we offer ?
What are tissue-lined envelopes ?
What packaging do we offer ?
Why are your prices higher than my local print centre ?
How long does my order take to be delivered ?
How do you ship the goods and how much more does it cost?
Can I pay by cheque on-line?
Will you deliver gifts to a different address ?

What Printing types do we offer ?

We offer stationery using four different printing methods and we clearly state which method is used with each design. Engraved stationery, using the old fashioned copper die and often reserved for the most exclusive printing requirements is our top of the range choice.

Engraved stationery: (or die-stamping as it is also known) is the most traditional and exclusive method of printing. Dating from the 15th century, purists will insist on using this method of printing for all their stationery requirements.
Copper plates are made with the text etched into the copper in reverse and then used to stamp the paper to make a perfect imprint. Although most of our dies are machine made, we also can offer a service to hand-engrave your die, which is a very specialist job that very few companies can offer.
The printers that we use for this service (apart from being really nice guys) are one of the oldest printers in the business and has even been known to print the stationery for the Royal family. If it was good enough for them – it was good enough for me !
You’ll spot this type of printing immediately because it passes the ‘finger test’ (run your finger along the front of the print and then on the reverse and you should feel the raised / depressed type)

Thermographed stationery: the type is raised on the front of the card, though not depressed on the back. You shouldn’t use this type of stationery through a laser printer and is therefore not suitable for business stationery.
Thermography is a more modern method of printing, using ink and a powder resin which, when combined with heat to produce a raised lettering is similar in feeling to engraving. Often, thermography is used as a less expensive alternative to engraving on formal invitations, but it is also an appropriate choice for informal invitations and everyday stationery items.

Lithoprinted stationery: a.k.a flat printing – more affordable than the other two options and ideal for printing large volumes.

Digital over-printing: used to personalise most of the gift stationery and small quantity orders. Excellent quality and similar in look to litho-printing.

What Paper types do we offer ?

Wove paper has a very smooth finish to it, allowing the pen to glide over the surface, rather than snagging or scratching. If you like to write with a fountain pen, this finish is imperative for a smooth ride; if you don’t mind a scratchy one, you might prefer a laid finish.
Laid paper has a rougher, ridged surface. The paper's fine ridged texture dates back to the days when they laid the wet paper pulp onto thin copper wires to dry out. It is considered a more traditional finish.
What Ink Colours do we offer ?
We have four standard colours; black, blue, red and bright green, that are offered at no extra cost.
In addition to these, we can offer a special range which cost an extra £20, (the machines need to be "washed-up” after each special colour – hence the charge). To try to give you a better idea of each of these colours, here’s a bit more info:
Burgundy: think rich old dark red wine, dark red with a hint of brown (Pantone 506 c)
Turquoise: Ok, picture a Kingfisher, bright stunning blue (Pantone 312 c)
Sepia: Think, old faded photographs, musty brown, typical ink colour used in days gone by (Pantone 504 u)
Orange: Think of that phone company (Pantone 1575c)
Cerise: Not fuschia exactly, but slightly more reddy pink than that (Pantone 206u)

What are tissue-lined envelopes ?
For the connoisseur scribe; lined envelopes may be the height of extravagence, but add the "wow!" factor to your letter ! Lined with tissue paper, people usually chose a colour that matches the ink they’re using which creates a lovely contrast to the paper or you can chose a toning colour that almost matches the paper colour.

What packaging do we offer ?
All our products are packed in our smart packaging, unlike most printers I’ve tried where the paper is wrapped in brown paper. These boxes come free of charge but they are not ones that you’ll want to hide from view.
If you choose our special wooden boxes for headed paper, these are charged at a very reasonable £55. Hand made, bespoke boxes, your writing paper can definitely be out on show in these !

Why are your prices higher than my local print centre ?
Although our prices are very competitive and cheaper than specialist printers, they will probably appear higher than local printing chains. This is because of three things:

1. We only use imperial sizes for our personal letterhead stationery, we do however, offer metric sizes in our business stationery range.

2. We are using a much higher quality paper stock as our standard paper. Your writing paper says a lot about you - so why compromise on the quality, simply to save a negligible amount.

3. We use a highly specialised printer who has been printing for the most discerning customers (including the Royal family) for over 200 years.

4. We will beautifully package and deliver your stationery to your door - no more brown paper wrapping or having to collect. These costs are added to the prices shown at the checkout.

How long does my order take to be delivered ?
This all depends on the product you have ordered. Customers ordering the Everyday Stationery range of postcards and lithoprinted long cards can often have their goods delivered within two weeks of approving their artwork. However, it is wise to allow up to three weeks in case we are experiencing very heavy workloads.
Customers ordering from our luxury range are advised to allow between two and three weeks for delivery (from approval of artwork). This is because of the more complicated nature of the job involved.
Children's stationery can be delivered within a week, or if necessary on a 24 hr service at extra cost. Please contact us for details. N.B. For Delivery times in July / August please allow an extra week as this tends to be quite busy and some of our printers take their holidays during this time.

How do you ship the goods and how much more does it cost?
We despatch all goods by registered mail or nextday courier service and you will be charged for this service at the checkout, depending on your country of delivery. Your delivery will require a signature on arrival. This is to protect your purchases and prevent things going missing in the postal system. If packages still cannot be delivered after the courier has tried three times, (at an address where the customer has expressly said there will be someone to receive the delivery) the package is returned to us and the customer will be expected to pay for a redelivery.

Can I pay by cheque on-line?
No, we do not take cheques on-line simply because of the processing time. We like to make sure your order takes as short a time as possible and we do not want you to be kept waiting until your cheque has cleared. However, if you don’t have a credit card we do, of course, take debit cards which come direct from your account. We use secure servers and a very reputable payment system, used the world over, called WorldPay.

Will you deliver gifts to a different address ?
Yes, if you are buying something for a friend, then please add the delivery address to the different address box on your login / registration screen. You will be asked you where you wish the item to be sent as you proceed through the checkout.

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